We believe in designing spaces in such a way as to create feelings of relaxation and pleasure; to educate and transform. All this can be achieved by creating buildings that are not only aesthetically flawless but also functional, comfortable, stimulating and respectful to the environment and their surroundings.

In order to achieve the above we work closely with our clients so that we can come to a deeper understanding of their needs and priorities. We also collaborate closely with all other consultants as well as the building contractor in order to make sure that the best possible results are achieved.

Climate, environmental issues, a good knowledge of materials and new technologies are all matters we take in consideration in our effort to produce low maintenance, sustainable buildings.

Conservation and re-use of buildings as an integral part of creating sustainable architecture – recycling buildings and renovating places is possibly the most sustainable approach of all. We find it very exciting and inspiring to give new life to buildings long in disuse and offer to the community restored buildings with a new use based on current social needs.

Our work ranges from the sensitive repair and re-use of individual listed buildings to the design of interventions for the rehabilitation of entire areas of historic cities.

Yet another field in which we specialise is museum and exhibition design

The aim of our exhibition installations is to enable visitors to have a more active role and not remain merely passive recipients of messages that may in fact never reach them. A well-structured space can give the appropriate stimuli to visitors, thus enabling them to develop a dialogue with the exhibits and thereby come to a deeper understanding of the multiple interpretations that may be available. In conjunction with the above it is very important to take into consideration and ensure the appropriate conditions for the correct preservation of exhibits. Humidity control, air conditioning, lighting, along with security from theft and vandalism are essential factors which help to spotlight an exhibition’s historic and/or cultural value.